24 June 2018

Technology & Design in Partnership

Web Solutions

Silicon Bay offers bespoke, scalable web and e-commerce solutions with full integration into existing systems.

Our solutions are designed to meet the latest web and accessibility standards and comply with the requirements of the UK Disability Discrimination Act. They are tested on a host of web browsers and operating systems to ensure full cross compatibility.

Example Technologies

  • PHP and ASP server-side scripting languages
  • AJAX client-side scripting system
  • JavaScript client-side scripting language
  • MySQL and MS Access databases
  • XHTML and HTML validated webpages
  • CSS and XSLvalidated stylesheets
  • RSS validated news feeds
  • XML sitemaps


Site Hosting

If you do not currently have a direct internet presence, and do not wish to incur the hassle of hosting a site yourself, then you need to be confident that you have chosen a professional and reliable hosting service.

Silicon Bay uses Zen Internet as it's web-hosting partner, with a proven track record in providing consistently reliable hosting since 1995.

Ergonomic Designs

Mindful of the customer facing nature of the web, Silicon Bay has formed a strategic alliance with the t-morph design agency. With the aid of t-morph's design capabilities and ergonomic skills, we ensure that our web solutions' layouts and user interfaces are designed for maximum efficiency and ease of use.







Valid HTML

Valid CSS


Valid RSS