17 July 2018

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St. Neots Audio Tour

Huntingdonshire District Council

Podcasts are a new and exciting way of providing informative and engaging personal guided tours around our local towns and cities.

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Ceasing this new medium, Huntingdonshire District Council commissioned Silicon Bay to record and produce a guided audio around their local, historic town of St Neots.

The audio tour is available as a free download from the Huntingdonshire District Council website and also from the Visit Huntingdonshire website.

Hear the Tour

To hear a sample of Silicon Bay's recording of this audio tour, featuring the vocal talents of Winnie Clarke (one of the Voices of Silicon Bay), please follow the link below, or visit the Visit Huntingdonshire website to download the full tour.

St. Neots Audio Tour (391kB)

What Can we do For You?

If you're interested in exploring the marketing potential that this new medium has to offer, take a look at our Audio Tours and Podcasts page for more details.


Winnie Clarke

Winnie Clarke a Voice of Silicon Bay

Hear Winnie