17 July 2018

Technology & Design in Partnership

Podcasts and Audio Services

With the explosion of multimedia on the web and MP3 dowloads and podcasts, there is now a whole new marketing avenue open to you.

Silicon Bay can record custom audio tours or presentations for you suitable for web downloads and podcasts in MP3 format, or another format of your choice.


  • Personal guided tours of towns or cities
  • Audio newsletters for your company
  • On-the-road Sales training for your staff
  • Walk through the holes of a Golf course with a pro
  • Find out about the paintings at an art gallery
  • Let an expert tell you about a museum's artifacts
  • A personal tour of a new area by your estate agent
  • See what the ancients got up to at heritage sites

The Voices of Silicon Bay

The choice of voice for a recording probably has more impact on its perceived quality than technical aspects affecting recording quality. For this reason Winnie Clarke and Moira Healy, both trained actresses, have been chosen as the Voices of Silicon Bay.

Demonstration Tracks

The following demonstration tracks have all been recorded in MP3 format and in mono to minimse web download times and file sizes.

Reducing the bit rate (kbps) of an MP3 track reduces the track's filesize, but also reduces its audio quality.

A selection of tracks recorded at different bit rates have been provided below by way of example:

  Vocal Demo Sample voice demo track (421kB)
  128kbps MP3 MP3 track recorded at 128kbps (92kB)
  64kbps MP3 MP3 track recorded at 64kbps (43kB)
  32kbps MP3 MP3 track recorded at 32kbps (22kB)


Winnie Clarke

Winnie Clarke a Voice of Silicon Bay

Hear Winnie


Moira Healy

Moira Healy a Voice of Silicon Bay

Hear Moira