24 June 2018

Technology & Design in Partnership

Silicon Bay WAVE

Structured Design

WAVE has been implemented using a structured design approach separating the different layers of functionality to provide a flexible and scalable system.


Content Layer


Fixed and database driven web pages of content on the website are coded in XHTML ensuring future compatibility.

Presentation Layer

Valid CSS

Styling and presentation of the web page content is achieved using Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) enabling the styling of the website to be kept completely separate from the content. In this way, the website can be quickly re-styled in the future, without having to go through every page of the site.

Data Access Layer


The data access layer is the link between the database and the web page. PHP, a powerful programming language running on the web server, is used to achieve this functionality.

Data Layer


User's data within the content management system is stored in an enterprise class relational SQL database - MySQL.