17 July 2018

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Moira Healy becomes a Voice of Silicon Bay

09 July 2010

Silicon Bay is pleased to announce the appointment of Moira Healy as a Voice of Silicon Bay.

Moira Healy, a professionally trained actress, brings with her a unique skill set enabling us to complement our existing range of audio services tailored for new media and web applications. Moira's voice and her professional delivery will bring a sparkle to any podcast or media voiceover.

Moira's voice is available for use on any of Silicon Bay's MP3 recording or podcast services for web downloads or any new media application.

Moira trained at The University of Warwick and The Mountview Academy of Theatre Arts, and has toured in the UK playing a range of lead and supporting roles in the theatre.

Alongside her acting roles, Moira has also worked as a voiceover artist and has been involved in several recordings for commercial advertising, documentary narration and animation characterisation.


Moira Healy

Moira Healy a Voice of Silicon Bay

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