24 June 2018

Technology & Design in Partnership


Websites designed by Silicon Bay

PlantAdvice.co.uk An online gardening and plant advice site developed by Silicon Bay with the aid and backing of several gardening professionals
RADDAG A charity website for the Rochdale and District Disability Action Group
Neath & Tennant Canals Trust A charity website for the Neath & Tennant Canals Trust
Will Tang Website for a blues singer, songwriter and harmonica maestro Will Tang
Winnie Clarke Website for a professional singer and vocal artiste Winnie Clarke
Wistow village Parish council website for the village of Wistow, Cambridgeshire


Websites powered by Silicon Bay software

File Flatners Second web outing to replace original site which they had outgrown
Bently European Transport A quirky site that stretched the limits of the content management system
School Timetabling Services Simple, clean site for timetabling company
Cohen Course Site for a doctor running MRCP courses, special functions, random generation of testimonials on each page pulled from the database
Sparkle Oven Cleaning Oven cleaning with news and services
Elm Self Store Self storage company
Total Coaching Solutions Local training company